Perception, a theatrical evening of concert dance with Fine House

Eggtooth Productions and The Dance Co-operative present PERCEPTION, a theatrical evening of Concert Dance with Fine House by Lori Holmes Clark. June 23 and 24, 2017 at 7:30 pm at the Hess Theatre at Deerfield Academy. Tickets $20 and $15 for student/senior at  Sponsored by Cohn and Company Real Estate.

The creators seek to invent an experience that stretches our ways of perceiving the human form and the art that that form creates in a two part experience: Fine House and PERCEPTION. To begin the evening, one enters Fine House, a gallery of moving installations, where fine art and fun house collide in the lobby of the Hess Theatre. From that experience, the audience moves into the auditorium to enjoy new work from the region’s finest choreographers as the Dance Co-operative explores its theme, Perception, through varied lenses; to challenge and delight participants.

Said creator of Fine House and show organizer, Lori Holmes Clark, “This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to explore my love of art history, and classical and experimental theater in one event. Fine House is a mash-up of the quirkiness of a Fun House, think distorting mirrors, and Fine Art, as in a gallery or museum.

Here’s how it works. As folks arrive, we invite them to enter the lobby of the Hess Theatre that has been transformed into an energetic gallery of moving installations inspired by visual art. The “displays” physically embody how art can affect us and inform our daily experience. I desperately want evocative art to exist among us, as a part of our daily experience!

Here’s an example. My friend, the great make up artist, Joe Dulude who I worked with on Broadway… he was the makeup designer for Wicked where I performed a variety of roles as Dance Captain…. Joe will embody an interpretation of Vincent Van Gogh. He has hand painted his whole being with bold brushstrokes to become an interpretation of Van Gogh’s painting and essence. It sounds crazy but when you see it you will get it.

And then there’s more. After being immersed in Fine House, the audience will be ushered into the theatre itself to enjoy PERCEPTION. That’s where they will enjoy a theatrical evening of concert dance, with different pieces choreographed by various members of the Dance Co-op, guided by a couple of clowns played by Lori Holmes Clark and Jack Golden to traverse a varied landscape of new choreography and what we hope is a thoughtful, artful, and emotional journey of discovery, beauty and wonder.”

Said Co-founder of the Co-op, Meg Van Dyck, “We are thrilled to share this work in this beautiful space and it’s a big moment for us. The Dance Co-Op is a new collaborative dance company. Our intention is to unite Western Mass professional choreographers and dancers with the hope of bringing modern dance to the forefront of the local arts scene. I founded the Co-op with Christie Clovis. We are excited to welcome contributions from select artists who want to share their work with the greater community. The company includes dancers and choreographers from a variety of dance styles and celebrates our past experiences with the cultivation and evolution of new ideas. In PERCEPTION, we ask and seek answers to the question ‘Do you see what I see?’ 

Bound by this common theme, we investigate how our individual chemistry and experiences shape how we see ourselves and the world around us. We explore our singular consciousness and ponder its relationship with the external world.  We are so happy to have the chance to offer this exciting evening of thought-provoking concert dance.”

The Dance Co-operative members are: Lori Holmes Clark, Christie Clovis, Hayley Descavich, Christina Maerlender, Verity Nichols, Rebecca Rideout, Stephanie A. Shumway, and Meg Van Dyck. With performances from contributing Artists: Emma Ayres, Joseph Dulude II, and Jack Golden.